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More Water Heater Services for Your Added Convenience & Comfort.

To say we install, maintain, and repair all kinds of water heaters just isn’t enough. Especially for our detail-oriented customers.    

Accordingly, here’s an expanded list of our water heater services:

  • Burst hot water pipes
  • Repairing or replacing corroded copper hot water pipes
  • Correcting problems with water hammer or pressures problems
  • Helping to restore accurate temperature control
  • Repairing or replacing:
    • Hot water circulating pumps
    • Anodes
    • Safety/ pressure relief valves
    • Solar sensors
    • Solar jacketed system “drain downs”
    • Booster timers
    • Electric elements
    • Flood-stop valves

This is a partial list but hopefully one that illustrates just how thoroughly prepared we are to deal with any residential or small commercial hot water issue…any!

So remember:  no matter what’s going on – or NOT going on – with your water heater, KP Hotflow can get things back to normal promptly, reliably, and with your satisfaction guaranteed.

Contact us today, and put us to the test.